Holly Jolly Thanks and a Happy New Year

Tips for Surviving the Holiday Crazy
By B. Kelly

The holidays can be stressful; however, they can also be full of joy, family traditions, and fun.  Take time to enjoy the season with these tips to help weather the crazy that can accompany holiday festivities!


Make your grocery list, well in advance, to ensure you have your ideal holiday menu mapped out.  Don’t wait until the day before, or you’ll be sorry.  Procrastinators will be met with crowds and chaos that could create more stress than excitement about the big day.


Determine your guests, how you plan to seat everyone, plated or buffet style, and any other details that you want to have for your celebration.  Then determine what you will need to do to make these things happen.  Start early!  Clean the house, set the table, start prepping food – do all the things you can do, in advance, and get them checked off your to do list.


The holidays can quickly get expensive.  Set a budget, watch for great deals, and don’t overspend.


One of the worst things you can do before the holidays is get burned out.  Make sure you are eating healthy, exercising and getting plenty of rest.


Unrealistic expectations of what your holiday should look like will most definitely end up in disappointment.  Let things happen naturally and be sure and take in all the wonderful moments with family and friends.  Pause to observe all the amazing things you did to prepare for the day and take a moment to enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Perhaps you have a family member who attends the festivities that, well let’s just say, can be a little challenging.  Don’t let this ruin your holiday.  Try the talk, smile, walk method.  Talk to them briefly and exchange pleasantries.  Smile and remember that you don’t have to spend the entire holiday with only one person.  Walk away and remember this too shall pass.


Oh, the major messes that can erupt from hosting a family gathering at your home.  You cleaned for hours and now it looks as though a bomb went off, right?  Don’t clean as soon as the meal is complete, or you won’t have a chance to enjoy it.  Consider purchasing to-go containers and allow guests to pack up some left overs.  The more food that goes, the less there is to clean up!

Ultimately, we are responsible for our own happiness and we need to remember that we can’t control everything.  The more you can let roll off your back, the more enjoyable your holiday experience will be.  Try to stress less and embrace the mess!  Have a wonderful holiday season.

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