Carelessness Can Cost You

Many Americans are concerned about someone stealing their credit card, check, or debit card numbers, but they may be ignoring one easy way thieves can access financial accounts: receipts.

Disregarding receipts that have valuable information greatly increases the risk of credit and debit card fraud. Thieves easily can find receipts with valid account numbers in trash cans. Some easy steps you can take to prevent thieves from stealing your financial information:

* Shred all preapproved credit offers, credit and debit card receipts, insurance forms, financial statements, and other paperwork containing personal and financial information;

* Check credit union statements and other financial statements monthly for discrepancies and order a credit report once a year to make sure no one else is using your personal information to obtain credit cards or services;

* Don’t print your Social Security number on your checks and don’t carry your Social Security card in your wallet; and

* Be hesitant about giving personal or financial information over the telephone–make sure you know the caller and know how the information will be used.

Yes, You Can Be a Member

If you thought you couldn’t join Hopewell Federal Credit Union, think again. Our credit union has a community charter, which means anyone living, worshiping or working in this community can join our credit union.   The even better news, HFCU has recently expanded is charter area to include Licking, Franklin and Delaware counties.

You might already know that there are many benefits to being a credit union member–such as low fees and loan rates, excellent member service, and democratic control.

Community-chartered credit unions offer those benefits and more: greater membership diversity, a wider variety of services, and larger pools of qualified volunteers.

We also offer encouragement and education about saving, and help in making sound personal financial decisions and habits. As a member-owner you’ll also have the opportunity for your opinion to be heard.

If you’re interested in joining, stop in or call Hopewell Federal Credit Union at 740.522.8311.

Think Twice Before You Meme

Earlier this year, a Facebook meme went around called “10 Bands I’ve Seen, And One Is a Lie.” Posters then listed the names of nine bands they’d seen and one that they hadn’t, and their friends had to guess which was the lie.

The person sharing the list often included a note about the first band he or she had seen play live. Sharing that information, security experts pointed out, is a risk, because the first-band question is a common one used to verify a person’s identity when he or she is accessing online accounts.

According to an April 2017 New York Times story about the 10 bands trend, security experts warned that memes which encourage you to share personal details can be used to unlock your accounts. Even if your Facebook account is set to private, it’s not impossible for bad actors to access it. Think about the number of times your friends have notified you their account was hacked and warned you not to accept a friend request.

So what can you do? It’s still possible to participate in fun trends on Facebook, just be cautious—especially when it comes to quizzes and other activities encouraging you to reveal information about yourself.

Here are some tips:
• Think twice about what you share. If you’re concerned about privacy, sharing any kind of personal information on Facebook—or in a public space online—means offering valuable data to marketers who can use it to advertise to you.

• Don’t share information that answers common security questions. Things like the name of your first pet, the street where you grew up, or your mother’s maiden name should never be shared online.

• Consider making up answers to your security question. Questions like “where you went to high school?” are too easy. Change your answer to something random (but memorable) for additional security.

Hopewell Federal Presents Donation to the Licking County Humane Society

Proceeds from Recent Car Show Given to LCHS  

Hopewell Federal Credit Union (HFCU) recently held its seventh annual Car Show in Newark, Ohio on Saturday, July 15th, 2017.  Today, August 3rd, 2017, proceeds from the event totaling $2,250.00 were presented to Lori Carlson, Executive Director of the Licking County Humane Society (LCHS).

The event was sponsored by Courtesy Ambulance, Webb Financial Group, Grayson Graphics, Kool 101.7, AT&T, Alphalink, National Safe & Security Systems, Inc., Cummins-Allison, Crif Lending Solutions, Sedona Grace Foundation, Cooperative Business Services, Home Instead Senior Care, Poppy’s Roadside Diner and Bob Romine Roofing.  Jim Matheny of Kar Shoz coordinated the show which brought in fifty-two cars featuring a variety of years, makes and models.

Attendees of the event enjoyed free admission, DJ music provided by Jim Matheny of Kar Shoz, food from Poppy’s Roadside Diner, 50/50 raffle, and door prize drawings.  The Licking County Humane Society was on hand with some of their adoptable pets.