Need Extra Income? Use Your Phone to Score Side Gigs

Are you looking for extra money this summer? Technology has made it easier than ever to bring in extra income when it’s convenient for you—often doing something you love, or at least don’t mind.

The obvious
First, consider the assets you have on hand. For instance, have a car? Uber and Lyft are two of the most recognized ‘be-your-own-boss’ brands today. Many people use their cars to become for-hire taxi drivers on the weekends, while others do it full-time. Check out their apps—becoming a driver is surprisingly easy.

Similarly, if you have an unused room or finished basement, you can rent it out via apps like Airbnb.

The less obvious
There are many other ways out there to turn what you love doing into something that adds money to your saving account. Sites like Fiverr and Skillshare allow you to put your skills and passions to use and earn extra cash, either by freelancing your talents or giving you the opportunity to teach those skills to others.

The app Gigwalk gives you tasks that can be as simple as going into a store and taking a picture of a brand’s product on the shelf or reporting whether someone greeted you when you walked into the store. You choose from a list of available gigs in your area and are paid promptly via Paypal.

For animal lovers, sites like and connect you with pet-parents who need a sitter.

Knit or craft? Open an Etsy store and sell your wares.

Web 1.0
One of the first Internet companies, eBay, is still a great place to sell nearly anything you own. You only need to sign up and link your seller account to a Paypal account.

You can also sell things locally using the popular classifieds site Craigslist. Simply find the version of the site that corresponds to where you live and post ads for what you’re selling. You can also post ads for your particular skillset in the “services” section, such as house painting, dog walking, or fixing old cars.

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