College Graduates Seek Internships for a “Foot in the Door”

Recent college graduates have encountered—and continue to face—one of the toughest job markets of all time.

With the job-seeker to jobs-available ratio off kilter, many grads wonder where they’re going to find work. Even students who network, intern, and become involved on campus find themselves struggling to secure full-time positions.

Many grads are turning to another option: postgraduate internships.

Heather Huhman, career expert and founder of job Web site, Derwood, Md., says many graduates are finding an internship to be their best option to “get a foot in the door.”

“Employers want to see career-related internship experience on an applicant’s résumé,” says Huhman. “Taking internships after graduation is happening much more in this economy.”

And for current students who want a head start on their careers, college networks are filled with internship resources: Career centers, local job postings, student organizations, and professors are all great sources of job information.

Other resources:
* Simply Hired
* Monster Jobs
* Yahoo! HotJobs
* CareerBuilder
* College Grad
* Job Web
* LinkedIn
* Twitter


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