Need a Student Loan? Ask Hopewell Federal Credit Union

If you’re a prospective college student—or the parent of one—you’re probably suffering from sticker shock as you discover the cost of tuition, room and board, books, and other expenses. According to, the average public four-year college costs $9,139 for tuition and fees alone (2014-2015), while the average private four-year school costs a staggering $31,231. With numbers like these, chances are you’ll need loans to supplement your savings and any grants or scholarships awarded.

Always tap in to free money first, then federal loans, and look at private (nongovernment) loans last. So, after a diligent search for scholarships and grants (the free money), you’ll want to investigate federal loans because of their lower interest rates and fees. With some, the government even pays the interest while a student is in college.

Hopewell Federal offers private educational loans and loan consolidation. When you need to borrow, go to Hopewell Federal Credit Union first. That’s where you’ll get the best deal—and the best service. Stop by or call us today or visit our student loan page powered by LendKey.


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