Shop and Save in Every Season

If you think Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the day after Christmas are the only times to score great deals, think again.

Climate change
Andrea Woroch, nationally recognized consumer and money-savings expert from Windsor, Colo., says shopping late in any season is the best way to score great deals, especially on apparel. Despite the big deals, don’t let deep discounts lead to poor purchase decisions.

* Stick to the basics: Avoid last season shopping of anything trendy.
* Size matters: Clothing and gear buys are better for those who are done growing.
* Know before you go: It’s easy to be seduced by sales, so take stock of what you have and what you need before making a beeline for the clearance rack.

Discount dates
Whether you go all in on the day after Thanksgiving or avoid it, don’t forget there are other holidays where discounts make their debuts.

* Super Bowl: Get a big screen in time for the big game.
* Valentine’s Day: In the spirit of celebrating couples, look for BOGO (buy-one-get-one) sales.
* Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day and early spring are a great time for greenhouse deals.
* Father’s Day: After dad’s day, look for tools, grills, polo shirts, and ties.
* Fourth of July: Wait until after America’s birthday for better outdoor bargains.
* Back to school: After college students are settled, check stores for leftovers of living essentials.

Another great way to shop smart is to plan for future purchases in your spending plan. The professionals at Hopewell Federal Credit Union are happy to sit down with you and review your budget. Stop by or call today at 740.522.8311.

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