Electronic Is Eco-Friendly

As you manage your money, using online technology gives the environment some needed help—and helps you save time and the money you’re managing. It may not seem significant, but when you look at the number of financial transactions you make each month, multiplied by the number of people doing the same thing … it adds up.

Opt to receive e-statements via e-mail each month, instead of mailed paper statements. Use our online banking service to check balances and transfer funds between accounts.  Using your phone with Mobile Banking can make life easier and save the environment.

And when you pay bills, use online bill payment. You can automatically transfer money electronically to pay your bills each month. It saves paper and uses less energy since there’s no need to create and deliver a paper invoice.

Since we only have one planet earth, we all benefit from making eco-friendly choices. If you’re not using electronic services, check out what’s offered. Oh, and use our Web site to check. If you’re unsure how to use the Web site call 740.522.8311. Credit union staff will be happy to walk you through it—you can set up most electronic services with just a few button clicks.




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