Finding Life-Changing Apps

Applications for your smartphone can help you lose weight, exercise more, manage your health, and pursue other life-changing goals.

Smartphone applications can be highly effective at changing behavior because they take advantage of the powerful, pocket-sized computer that smartphone owners carry with them wherever they go.

The best apps for life-changing goals combine reliable information with positive reinforcement, such as “badges” for achievement or links to other users with similar goals.

Getting fit
Walkers, runners, and bikers can use programs such as iMapMyFitness to create exercise objectives, track progress, follow a training regimen, and encourage each other.

Some apps home in on a particular fitness approach, such as the free apps iMapMyRun for runners or StravaCycling for bicyclists. Pocket Yoga offers routines to music in the setting of your choice.

The Nike Training Club offers 60 workouts from professional trainers, while apps like Daily Ab Workout FREE home in on specific muscle groups.

Improving health
Lose It! helps you set weight-loss goals and record food intake. A bar chart indicates how far you’ve advanced in the day’s allotment of calories, remaining green while calories are left but turning red when it’s time to stop eating.

Low-cost app MyQuit Coach helps you quit smoking with a personalized plan, tracking, and motivational tips. The free Quitter app tallies your savings on tobacco products.

Medical advice from a reputable source is free with the WebMD app, which lets you enter symptoms and then offers information about possible causes, conditions, and treatments.

You can get a quick review of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) from Pocket First Aid, a low-cost app available from the American Heart Association.


Did you know that Hopewell Federal offers its very own app and it is absolutely FREE!?  Visit your app store and search “Hopewell Federal” to download this easy to use tool.

Picking good apps
App stores offer reviews that highlight good features or flaws. Websites like also offer reviews and ideas.

Checking out the apps preloaded on your smartphone is another way to get started. They may help you plan your schedule, listen to music, check the weather, or monitor the news.


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