Seven Tips to Avoid Auto Breakdowns

Nothing can spoil a vacation—or even a quick errand—like having your car break down. Here are seven of the most common reasons for being stranded by the side of the road and preventive measures you can take.

* Battery trouble. Have your battery checked during any safety inspection or other visit to a dealer or mechanic’s shop, especially if your battery is three years old or older.

* Lockouts. Get additional sets of keys for your home and office. If you’re going on a road trip, give a set of keys to another member of your party.

* Engine trouble. Inspect belts and hoses by looking for cracks and peeling on the belts and softening on the hoses. Check the levels of transmission and other fluids with a dipstick.

* Transmission problems. If you feel slipping or a jerk when you put the automatic transmission into gear, get the transmission checked. Be sure your dealer or mechanic checks all fluids, including transmission fluid.

* Brake trouble. Get your brake pads and rotors checked at least twice a year. The brake fluid needs to be changed every two to three years.

* Flat tires. Insert a quarter into several grooves across each tire. If part of Washington’s head is always covered, you still have 4/32-inch of tread left and probably can drive safely. If you have less tread, think about replacing the tires.

* Running out of gas. Don’t take chances on reaching that next gas station beyond this one. If the warning light comes on, stop for gas as soon as you can.

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