MEMBERSHIP: Should I stay, after I move away?

During the course of your life, your location may change. Your employer may choose to transfer you, your family may move to a new hometown or perhaps retirement takes you south for the winter. Regardless of what events occur to change your circumstances, Hopewell Federal Credit Union can continue to remain your financial institution even after you transition to a new location.

Vicki Engle, a member of HFCU since 1980, is a perfect example of how changes in your location don’t have to mean changes in your financial institution. Though Vicki relocated for work, she has remained a loyal member of Hopewell Federal for all these years. Inspired by her choice, we asked Vicki to share some of her thoughts and reasons why it makes sense to stay, even after you move away.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A MEMBER? I’ve been a member of Hopewell Federal Credit Union since the early 80’s when I began working at Newark Air Force Base.

WHAT PROMPTED YOU TO JOIN? Hopewell FCU had a satellite office located at the base – it was convenient and staffed by helpful and friendly staff.

WHEN YOU MOVED AWAY, WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT? Over the years, the Hopewell FCU staff had guided and assisted me in my personal finances – everything from direct deposit, checking/savings and 401s, to credit cards, personal and mortgage loans. The banking was always personal and advice was given based on my financial circumstances and situation at the time. As Heath will always be home to me – I have family still in the area and return several times a year – it only made sense to stay with Hopewell FCU and keep my account active.

ARE YOU FAMILIAR WITH THE TOOLS IN PLACE INCLUDING ONLINE BANKING, MOBILE BANKING AND MAGIC LINE PERFECT FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS RELOCATED AND STAYED WITH HOPEWELL? I use the online banking services. I also have a couple of great service representative at Hopewell who assist me via email and telephone.

DO YOU FIND THE WEBSITE AND NEWSLETTER HELPFUL TOOLS FOR STAYING CONNECTED TO HOPEWELL FROM AFAR? I rely on Hopewell’s website for current rates and services. I also can access account information online. The Newsletter keeps me informed about special services and promotions available.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT HOPEWELL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION? My favorite thing about Hopewell Federal Credit Union is their willingness to assist – always prompt, always friendly, always personal and done right the first time.

Hopewell Federal works diligently to ensure that tools are in place allowing you to become a member and stay a member for life. Innovations like mobile banking and online banking allow you to bank when and where it works for you. In addition, once you’re a member of the credit union family, you have access to more than 2,200 credit unions across the United States through our shared branching network. Our goal continues to be helping our members get ahead financially and this remains unchanged even if your location does.

We cannot thank Vicki enough for her thoughts and time. She is truly a testament of why membership works…even from far away.


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