Summer Fun…and Saving

Summer officially arrived yesterday and we hope you enjoyed the longest day of the year despite a few raindrops.  As we enter into this season of heat, sun, fun, swimming and vacations, you may be asking yourself for some money saving tips.  Let us help!  We have found a few money saving tips perfect for summer.  Happy Summer…and of course, HAPPY SAVING!

5 Money Saving Tips for Summer
By Jeremy Vohwinkle, Guide

You can save money throughout the year, but the warm temperatures of summer provide a few additional tips that can help you save even more money. Here are some things to try during those warm months.

  1. Turn off the air conditioning. This doesn’t mean you have to suffer through sweltering heat, but you should be aware of the weather so that you can maximize efficiency and save money by using it only when needed. For example, if it is going to be a cool night, turn off the air before heading to bed and open a few windows.
  2. Cook outside. Using the stove or baking in the oven can create a lot of excess heat that has nowhere to go except in your house. Consider taking meal plans to the barbecue grill outside so that you can keep your cool inside.
  3. Let your laundry dry outside. If you have the ability to hang up laundry outside, let the sun and warm summer breeze do the drying for you. Even if you can’t hang up clothes outside, try using your dryer on a lower heat setting or only partially drying your shirts and letting them air dry the rest of the way.
  4. Replace your air conditioner filters. This can be easy to overlook, but a dirty filter can increase cooling costs. Dirty filters restrict the airflow and the efficiency of the air conditioner, which translates into more run time and higher cooling costs. Filters are cheap, so replace them regularly.
  5. Plan ahead for future home and garden projects. As summer begins to wind down, it is a perfect time to be on the lookout for season ending sales. Landscape plants, tools, and other outdoor project materials tend to go on sale as people begin to look toward autumn and spending less time outside.

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6 Gas Savings Tips for Summer Road Trips
June 06, 2011 | Posted in Practical Travel Tips | Fodor’s Editors
With gasoline at almost four dollars a gallon across the U.S., many travelers are rethinking their summer road trip plans. But with our six tips for gas savings, you don’t have to settle for a staycation after all. Less money spent at the pump means more for the rest of your travel budget.

  1. Look for travel deals with gas cards or gas rebates.
    Both lodging options and destinations are offering gas-oriented incentives this summer like the impressive $75 gift cards from Intercontinental Hotels Vacation Pay program. You can also search for deals on tourism sites like and bed and breakfasts though the B&Bs Kick Gas promotion on Better Way to Stay. To ensure the deal will work for you, be sure to read the fine print and understand whether you are getting a rebate, a pre-paid card, or a resort credit. (For other great summer travel savings, see our travel deals page.)
  2. Use the web and apps to find the cheapest gas.
    Gas prices are greatly influenced by state gas taxes. A Web site operated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,, gives national and regional average prices. More helpful are sites like Gas Buddy and Gas Price Watch, which use tips from consumers to rank the lowest and highest gas prices in a particular area. Note, though, that the information on these sites can be outdated, so it’s best to use them as a general guideline. GasBuddy also has a free smart phone app to find the best prices while on the go; GasBag is a similar app.
  3. Look for clusters of gas stations when refueling.
    If you’re driving down the interstate looking for a place to refill your gas tank, avoid the exits that have just one or two stations. You’ll save money at exits with three or more stations, as competition helps drive down prices.
  4. Stock up—on gas—at warehouse shopping clubs.
    Along with your road trip supplies, consider fueling up at Costco and Sam’s Club. By far the most expensive places to buy snacks and toiletries when traveling are the convenience stores attached to roadside gas stations. These shopping clubs also usually have the cheapest gas prices around, and many are just off major interstates or along other well-traveled roads; before you hit the road, research the locations of some on your route.
  5. Stretch your mpg.
    The way you drive greatly affects your car’s gas mileage. Making sudden stops and starts, driving with the air-conditioning on or with all the windows down, using underinflated tires, and idling unnecessarily—such as while you eat at a fast-food restaurant or talk on your cell phone—waste gas and pollute the environment.
  6. Fuel your rental car a few miles from the airport.
    Gas stations nearest airports and car-rental agencies charge the highest rates. You can save several dollars on a full tank of gas by filling up well away from the airport. But make sure you’re not so far away that you’ll have less than a full tank of gas when you return your vehicle.

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  1. Great post and very informative. Thank you for sharing. Would you mind if we shared your post?

  2. Great post and very informative. Thank you for sharing. Would you mind if we shared your post?

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