The nation’s leading financial regulators all agree on one thing: there is reason to be concerned about the implications the Durbin Debit Card Rule may have on credit unions.  While some senators may be fine with giving a $16 billion pay check to giant retailers at the expense of small banking institutions and their consumers, there is still a chance your senator can vote to stop and study this dangerous rule before it goes into effect.

We expect that the Senate could vote on the Tester-Corker Amendment (S. Amdt. #392) to S. 782 as early as late morning tomorrow.  It is critical to generate as many contacts with your Senators as possible before the vote.  You can watch the action live on C-SPAN2 for updates on when the vote may occur.

In order to continue our efforts, please contact your Senators!  A link as been established to assist you in calling:

The link will provide a direct phone number to your Senator as well as talking points and an opportunity for feedback.  After calling one Senator, the information will appear for your second Senator.

Thank you for your continued help on this subject.


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  1. Thank you for educating! Let’s get the word out.

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