Tips for Enjoying Summer Vacation While Saving Money

With a few savvy spending tricks, consumers can keep money in their pockets during vacation

The weather has turned warm and the kids are out of school, that means it’s time for summer vacations. Fortunately, there are plenty of money-smart strategies and options that families can use to enjoy memorable summer vacations that don’t cost a fortune.

Hopewell Federal Credit Union  is offering the following tips to help families make the most of their money and summer vacations:

  • Make use of gas perk programs.  Traveling by car is pretty much inevitable, whether enjoying an out-of-town getaway or stay-cation this summer. Many retailers, such as grocery stores and gas stations, offer gas discounts that can amount to significant savings, especially if you plan ahead and amass the rewards over the months leading up to your vacation.
  • Bring your own food and snacks.  Whether traveling for a week-long or simple day trip, bring your own food and snacks. Food and beverage prices are typically higher in “touristy” areas, so save your money by bringing bottled water and sodas, and packing snacks and lunches.
  • Have a budget when on-site.  Many people budget for the travel and hotel costs of their vacations, but forget to consider meals and activities when on-site. Think carefully about what activities your family might want to experience – water skiing or zip lining – and what meals you’ll want to enjoy out, and budget appropriately before you leave.
  • Look for local excitement.  Summer is the season for local festivals and activities throughout Ohio, and most are free. See what’s happening in your local area by visiting A plethora of kid-friendly and kid-free events await.
  • Leave unnecessary financial instruments at home.  Before going on vacation, look through your wallet and purse and remove any financial instruments that you won’t need, and leave them at home. Why bring your checkbook or other less-used payment methods on vacation and risk them being lost or stolen? Only bring the forms of payment that you plan on using, plus one back up.



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