Financial Malware

Late last week a member contacted us about a suspicious request she received when trying to log on to our Home Banking site. Fortunately she realized something was wrong and contacted us about it. She was asked to provide information that Hopewell would never ask their members. The member logged on to Home Banking and then was taken to a screen that asked for information to “Confirm Your Identity” stating, “We do not recognize the computer you are using.” It asked for Card Number, Card Security Code, Expiration Date and ATM PIN.

This is a known scam and likely related to the Zeus/Zbot financial malware. Malware, otherwise known as malicious software, was on the member’s computer and it is not in our system. This particular scam is trying to obtain your Visa check card and/or credit card number. If you encounter this you will need to have it removed from your computer with security software designed specifically to remove the Zeus/Zbot malware.


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