Vote With Your Wallet

A recent blog posting on The Huffington Post recommended that consumers move their money from big banks as a New Year’s resolution. The point was that they had mismanaged things so badly it was time to send them a message where it would hurt – in the wallet. The message was made into a movie that runs about four minutes and you can see it here:

In response to The Huffington Post blog, Credit Union National Association President Dan Mica posted on his blog, “Without question, financial consumers are angry at – and have lost their loyalty to – big banks. In today’s turbulent economy, credit unions’ cooperative business model has renewed relevance for American consumers.” Mica further commented that moving to a credit union now, amidst all of the turmoil makes perfect sense because of their service orientation, better rates and fees. You can read his full posting at:

If you live, work or worship in Licking County and you want to move your business to a community minded credit union from a for-profit bank, please consider Hopewell Federal to meet your financial service needs.


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