In the heat of the political season and on International Credit Union Day


On Thursday, October 16, International Credit Union Day, Hopewell Federal sponsored the Licking County Chamber’s Candidates Night at the Granville Inn.   About 70 individuals attended and the event was broadcast live on the local radio stations, 1430 WCLT and T-100 – the Newark radio stations.  As the sponsor of the event, we were given the opportunity to tell the audience a little about Hopewell Federal Credit Union.  Since it was International Credit Union Day, it made the event more special in my mind. You can hear the whole program by going to

 Here is my opening remarks for last night meeting.

 Today is International Credit Union Day, the day that credit unions take the time to celebrate the credit union difference and recognize the contributions that credit unions make every day in the lives of their members worldwide. 


Beginning in 1948, credit unions have come together annually on the third Thursday in October to commemorate the credit union movement’s history and achievements.  This year’s the event organizers have chosen the theme Your Money, Your Choice, Your Credit Union to anchor our celebration. 

 Your Money, Your Choice, Your Credit Union represents the many reasons why 177 million people worldwide choose credit unions for access to fair and affordable financial services.  This year, credit unions are especially proud of their repeated acclaim as safe and sound institutions and their continued service to members, even through difficult economic times.

 Hopewell Federal Credit Unions is just one of more than 49,000 credit unions in the world.  Today we join our fellow credit union members in 96 countries in celebrations.  With access to a safe, convenient place to save their money and secure affordable loans, members from all walks of life are able to create new opportunities for themselves. 

 Hopewell Federal opened its doors in 1962 with the vision to serve our members.  Since then, our goal has always been the same: To Help Members Get Ahead Financially.

 No matter where you are in the world, access to financial services is vital. Rich or poor, we all face similar challenges in life.  Together, credit unions are helping members overcome those challenges not only here in Licking County but throughout the world.  The credit union motto is and always will be “Not for profit, not for charity but for service”

 Al Smith


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