Planning for the Future

Planning for the future


October 2 and 3 was the planning time for the Hopewell Federal management team and our official family.  Every fifteen to eighteen months we get together to think about where Hopewell Federal will be in five, ten or twenty years from now.  It is always our goal to be the local Licking County Credit Union.  You might say we want to be the last credit union standing in Licking County. 


This year we had Mike Diercks of LMI, Leadership Management Institute serving as the facilitator.  In my twenty-six plus years here I find these sessions to be really challenging.  The credit union world has seen tremendous change over the past twenty-five years and who know what the future will have in store for us.  We need to look ahead and try to be ready to meet our members needs no matter what they might be. 


With all the consumer legislation being proposed in the U S Congress, I’m sure we will spend some time discussing how the passage of any of those bills could affect the credit union and the members.  These certainly are tough economic times and call for hard questions to be asked and tough answers.  Our volunteer board and committee freely give up their time to help us set the critical direction of the credit union. 


If you know any of the board or committee members, thank them for the time and effort they spend on your behalf as a HFCU member.



2 Responses

  1. You have to stay positive and know things are going to get better…. I hope. : )

  2. I would like to thank the board and staff for taking the time to make Hopewell Federal better.

    I started banking with you in 2007 and didn’t exactly have the best credit situation. You guys helped me get back on track and really did help me get ahead financially.

    I appreciate all that you do and your friendly staff!

    Thanks again-

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