So Long, Farewell!


I want to take this opportunity to say not only good-bye to Cammie, but to also thank her for all that she has done in her two and a half years at Hopewell Federal. Cammie will be relocating with her family to Tennessee. Credit unions are now part of who she is. Even though Hopewell Federal will be losing a credit union marketer, a credit union in Tennessee will be gaining a good one.

Cammie has moved our marketing and public relations efforts to a new level. The electronic level. One that will be challenging to maintain – but we will. Of course, Cammie came up with the “Ask Al” blog idea and even convinced me how valuable a communications tool it would become. She also convinced me that we needed to tweet on Twitter. So we do. But I drew the line when it came to Facebook. I still believe Facebook is more for social media than business media, maybe that’s old school thinking, but that’ s how I feel.

So if you will, please thank Cammie for her time here at Hopewell Federal and wish her and her family the best, as they take up residency in Tennessee. Best wishes Cammie and thank you for a job well done!



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