Heath Cameras, Upcoming Election Inspire This Week’s Post…

Whether you live, work, worship, volunteer or go to school in Licking County … you can be a member of Hopewell Federal Credit Union. That being said, do you play an active role in the community. What will you be doing on November 3rd of this year? We serve all of Licking County including the Heath area who has been in the spotlight lately for their upcoming elections. However you choose to vote, I hope that you will be doing you civic duty and voting in the general election.

Although this is not a major election there are many local issues and offices where you can vote. In the City of Heath, we will vote for a mayor and several council positions. I think it is very important for myself, a resident of Heath, to learn as much as possible about the candidates and vote for who I believe, will do the best for our city. Also on the ballot in Heath, will be a charter amendment to remove the cameras that have been installed on Hebron Road and 30th Street. The purpose of the cameras are to slow down traffic and make driving in Heath a safer experience. Living here, I do know that they have done that. I was surprised to read how many tickets were issued in the first weeks of operation to those going at least ten miles over the posted speed limit. This issue has also created a lot of controversy in the press. I look at it this way, if I obey the rules of the road, I will not get a ticket. Whatever you do or whatever your opinion is, your voice can be heard at the polls. And if you will not be in town to vote that day, you can always obtain an absentee ballot and vote in advance.

I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, the only way for your voice to be counted is to vote. So do your civic duty and vote on November 3rd for the candidate of your choice and on the issues that concern you.

Have a Safe Holiday Weekend-

Until next time.


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