Same Places, New Faces

Hi folks,

Al here. It’s Friday, August 21, for some school’s back in session already and for others, their kids go back next week. It’s a busy time at Hopewell Federal as well. We’ve had several folks retire lately, and have made some changes by hiring some new faces! I invite you to stop in, say hello and get to know the newest members of our Hopewell Federal Staff. They’re enjoying their jobs so far and are anxious to get to know you!

Our marketing director will be leaving us soon as well. You may have read her posts on this blog from time to time. Cammie, who yes, really did sit on a giant yoga ball-it’s still in her office, is relocating to the state of Tennessee. We are going to miss her too!

While there are some new faces here at Hopewell Federal, you’ll still see some familiar ones as always, and one thing that won’t change is the frosted mug service that we love to provide to our members. It’s that extra special thing you weren’t expecting that makes us different. And I’m proud of that service.

When it comes to banking, the difference is in the details and I’m telling you-if you’re not happy with your current financial institution, I ask you to compare what rates and fees your paying to the products and services we offer here at Hopewell Federal, you might be pleasantly surprised at the difference a credit union can make in helping you get ahead financially.

Have a great weekend everyone!


3 Responses

  1. Hello Al. Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your blog!

    One (hypothetical) question though – as a proud member of the Licking County community, I feel fortunate to have the choice of 3 other local credit unions. I am having a difficult time deciding the right credit union for me. Would you kindly tell me why I should choose Hopewell FCU over the others? Thank you so much.


    Prospective Member John Doe

  2. Dear Prospective Member,

    Deciding which credit union to join is a challenging task. You could join for convenience of location to your home or place of work. You could join because of the service offered that meets your needs. Your could join because you were referred by a family member of friend. But no matter which of the Licking County credit unions you choose to join, you would be lucky, because they all have a desire to serve you-over the banks desire to make money off you for the benefit of their stockholder/owners. As a credit union member, you become one of the owners of the financial cooperative. You can even run for a board of directors position if you so desire, because credit unions elect their board members from among their member

    More specifically, you should join Hopewell Federal Credit Union, because we do all we can to help our members get ahead financially. We have a team of employees who do what it takes to meet our members needs. And we know that we must earn your membership every day. We take pride in stating that we deliver “frosted mug service” to our members. By that, we mean that we want to not only meet your needs but to exceed your expectations. All credit unions and banks deliver products and services, but what’s more important is HOW they do it. I believe we do that very well at Hopewell Federal.

    I would encourage you to visit our office, either on Hopewell Drive in Heath or N. 21st Street in Newark. Talk with one of our team members and I’m sure you’ll chose us over any other financial institution. But no matter what you decide, you will be a winner when you join a credit union and use that credit union for all your banking needs.

    Thanks for your post and I hope you choose a Hopewell Federal Credit Union, I’d love to personally welcome you as a member.


  3. Dear Al,

    Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to reply to my post so promptly. I am impressed by your personal service already, and much appreciate your candid response!

    Look forward to visiting Hopewell Federal Credit Union soon and experiencing the “Frosted Mug” service!!!!!

    Appreciatively Yours,

    Prospective Member

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