Two Years of Blogging and Counting!


I’m happy to say that this month, is a mini-milestone for my Ask Al blog. It’s our 2nd anniversary! Can you believe it has been two years?

Hopewell Federal was one to the first credit unions to have a blog and use it to communicate with member and non-members. Many of my peers have asked for help in starting a blog for their credit union and we have happily and cooperatively obliged. Why? Because it’s all about people helping people, that’s why! Even our fellow credit unions across America.  I guess you could say that “Ask Al” was a first for Ohio credit unions! I hope you have enjoyed reading my comments as much as I havewriting them.

I guess if there’s any real flaw with the blog, I’d like to see more people ask me some new questions! I know we get plenty of readers, but I’d love to hear from you too! 

When it comes to credit unions, I’ve been in the business since 1968 – wow, that’s a long time! But during my tenure, I’ve witnessed plenty of changes over the years. Credit unions have come a long way in the past forty-one years. I can remember when credit unions only served employees of an individual business. When they only offered savings accounts and small consumer loans. Now, credit unions, like Hopewell Federal, are full service financial institutions serving entire communities. And credit unions are doing well in this difficult economy. 

Hopewell Federal is continuing to grow and serve our members. No layoffs here, folks! So, thanks for allowing me to post or “boast” my own Ask Al anniversary… and remember,  if you have financialquestions- just “Ask Al”.


4 Responses

  1. Congratulations on this milestone!!! You dipped your toe into the giant Blogging Pool and now you’re swimming like a gold medalist!!!

    Keep it up!

  2. Congrats on reaching the miles stone with the ‘ask Al’ blog on hopewellfcu website. I recently posted a comment on this blog some time ago about a problem I had with a small loan I had. I was able to get the situation resolved and today I am happy to say that the loan is now paid in full and everything was ‘on time’. I am happy with the services and products that I get from this credit union. I now have another chapter to add on to this story!

    I recently got married (yeah, who would have thought, lol). I added my wife to my accounts at Hopewell. The process was right on par with what I expected: friendly professional service. I want to thank Patty for all her help! Hopewell has been there and taken care of my needs when I was single, and I know it will be there for me in the future as I start my own family.


  3. Congratulations Brian!

    Starting a life together with a partner is a real change to your lifestyle. Jan and I have been married for more than 44 years and I will tell you marriage is a give and take relationship. And like anything else that’s important, one must work on it. My best to you and your bride.

    And thank you for sharing your Hopewell Federal Credit Union experiences. Our mission is to help members get ahead financially. Paying off debt and building savings is very important, especially in these difficult times.

    Please know that we’re here to help when ever we can.

    Thanks again for your nice comments,

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