Back in the Saddle Again

Hi folks-

Okay, so it’s been a little over a week since I’ve posted-due to some vacations around here-and promotions, we’ve been a little busy-this might be the longest time I’ve actually gone without posting something-so I do apologize. But make no mistake, I’ll do my best to not do that again.

I’m proud that we were featured in an article in our local paper, The Newark Advocate, last Saturday for our use of Twitter and my blog. The article highlighted several businesses including our local chamber of commerce. You can read it for yourself here.

That being said, social media isn’t something that’s new to us, we’ve been exploring the values of it since 2007, when we first created our blog. I’d like to encourage all of you-that if you haven’t been following us, and if this is your first time, feel free to check our blog again-the purpose is to keep you informed-answer any general questions-and stay connected with what’s happening at HFCU and the financial industry in general.

You can find Hopewell Federal on twitter, youtube and my blog is obviously available on wordpress. I get asked from time to time, why do we use these methods to connect with our members. It’s pretty simple actually, any touchpoints that we can use, especially free ones-I think are fantastic. I like to make us as accessible as possible to our members.

Now, I also get asked, why aren’t we on Facebook? Well, while I do personally, think Facebook has it’s time and place, I’m not sure people want to be a CU’s fan. Maybe I’m wrong? But we don’t use social media to be “hip” with the kids, we use it as a means of communication. Perhaps I’m wrong-if you want to be a fan-maybe we’ll add it in the future.

In any case-you can always call us or stop in to discuss your personal account. In any event, we are here for you, at home or on the go. And…it’s good to be back!


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