Embrace Your Independence

With Independence Day just around the corner, I thought now would be a gooda time to talk about your freedom to choose where you do your banking.  Sure you have options and people will try to entice you to go to their facility-here lately, it seems that they throw everything but the kitchen sink at you to get you to switch to their bank, from ipods and gift cards to cold hard cash, heck some even switch for a free t-shirt. But in the end, what do you get for making the switch? Do you get great customer service? Do they know you by name? Do they appreciate your loyalty? Or…do they increase your rates and bombard you with service charges? Do they put your needs first or the needs of their stockholders?

I’m here to tell you that at Hopewell Federal, we keep our promises and honor our commitments. And, if you’re a member, odds are that we call you by name. You’re more than just a number. And with services likes shared branching, you can do your banking across the country. There is a difference with credit unions, we dare you to compare today and want to remind you that you have the freedom to bank, anywhere you choose.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!


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