You Have to Love Credit Unions …

As I was contemplating what my post was going to be about this week, I came across this article-which initially came out a year ago and was updated this past April, from a fellow CU, Brewery CU in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They retweeted this on Twitter and I have to say that this article…just says it all.

As I read article after article, twitter, blogs, watch the news, listen to the radio and more, it sounds like the majority of folks are frustrated and fed up with skyrocketing rates, hidden fees and the like…that’s why I thought instead of retweeting, I call this re-blogging, a very important article that showcases the many reasons why you should Ditch Your Bank for a Credit Union, from MSN money, by Liz Pulliam Weston.

There’s no propaganda here. She states simple facts of why we are different and even shows a side by side comparison. I wonder, if you’re a member of HFCU, do you know why you getter a better rate with us than another financial institution? It’s the Credit Union Difference! And Ms. Weston, states it perfectly.

So, special thanks to our friends at Brewery CU in WI. If you’ve thought about joining a credit union, you can make the switch today with the greatest of ease with our on-line switch kit. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the recently updated article from the MSN money expert and compare for yourself!


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