Are You Up for the Challenge?


Who couldn’t use $10,000? I don’t know many people who would turn it down? Would you? If you answered, “HECK NO!” Then I’ve got a deal you’d be crazy to refuse!

You have a 1 in 10 chance of winning $10,000! It’s true. Ten credit unions in central Ohio, including Hopewell Federal, Fiberglas Federal and Harvest Federal, right here in Licking County, have joined together to offer the BET YOU CAN SAVE CHALLENGE!

Each CU will choose one family from their credit union to participate. All 10 families will work with financial coaches to set goals and increase their savings! The family coming closest to or exceeding their established goals will be declared the winner and will win $10,000!!!

Runner Up families will receive $500!

So, you could win and you’ll still better your overall financial picture-sounds like a good deal doesn’t it? Either way to me you’ll get rewarded. We always say, we’re here to help you get ahead financially, but getting out of debt takes some hard work and some sacrifices on your part to help you save.  No bailouts here.

To be eligible you must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States.

Must be a CU member in good standing.

Must demonstrate a NEED for a savings makeover and a willingness to significantly improve your financial situation.

Pick up your application at either one of our offices or print it off on-line and bring it in to Hopewell Federal.  For more information visit

And good luck to you all-hurry though, application deadline is Thursday, April 30th!


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