Discover the CU Difference


Credit unions are celebrating 100 years this year. A very important milestone. I’ve personally been involved with credit unions for 40 years, I could talk about them literally all day long.  And when my staff comes up to me and asks me if I saw the Today Show this morning, and what BIG BANKS are doing to customers and their credit card rates…the same banks that received bailout money…well, nothing gets me more inspired and fired up  then to share how credit unions, not just here at Hopewell Federal, but all across the country are NOT reacting the same way.

Our members are our owners, so we want to see them succeed. Do you own your bank?

The Huffington Post has a great blog post about CU’s this week, which is great, anytime the CU industry gets positive press, I can safely say that we all appreciate it. But I’m here to tell you that this is not the time to take a back seat to your financial future. I invite you to watch this quick update about the safety and strength of credit unions, and how we’re all doing business as usual, because we put people over profit. For more, click on the link:

So why are you staying with your bank? Make the switch to a CU today!


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