Kissing a Camel for a Great Cause!

What is that they say…Pucker Up, buttercup! As part of our 2009 Operation Feed contest, we had an internal employee contest to purchase hearts for 50cents to show your love for your favorite manager…Our own Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, won this dubious honor…and his reward??? He had to kiss a camel! Yepl, a real one… we were all very excited about this contest. Wouldn’t you know today was the big day and they brought two! Sahara and Dana.

Surprisingly enough, the camels were very sweet natured. Even more surprising, Jim kissed it twice! Why? The first time, our camera wasn’t working. He more or less, put an animal cracker in his mouth and Sahara ate it. But I have to tell you, he was a great sport!

The camel drew quite a crowd of passers-by. Who came to feed, pet and take photos.

We love giving back to Licking County, even if it means getting up close and personal w/ a camel. Our thanks to the Newark Advocate, Chuck Moore from the Licking County Food Pantry and of course, our great sport, our own Jim Johnson! Enjoy… -Al


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