Help Us, Help those in Need …

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to give you an update on some of the things happening here at Hopewell Federal. It’s Operation Feed time again, and wow, have we got things going on…First off, to help with the cause, we’re having a used book sale tomorrow , Friday March 13th, at our Heath Office. Stop by and pick up some gently-used books at great prices, talk about keeping america green!

Also, we have the WHO DO YOU LOVE contest, this one’s a doozie. Our employees can purchase hearts for the supervisor they love the most to… KISS A CAMEL! That’s right, a real, live, honest-to-goodness CAMEL! Can you believe it? I’m not sure that I can either, but “Tippy” the CAMEL will be here on Friday, March 20th, to PUCKER UP to one of our lucky managers! Feel free to make a donation.

Now…you probably already know that we’re a drop off point for food-so bring us your canned goods! We’ll take them! But we’re also involved in Hopewell Federal’s Operation Feed Round Up! When you bring your coin in to one of our coin machines, you of course, get out of it, exactly what you put into it, because using are coin machines is FREE to all of our members. (Non-members get charged a 5% fee…better than a grocery store, you might want to stop in.)

Anyway, whatever you bring in, we’ll round your change up to the nearest dollar and give those proceeds to Operation Feed. Pretty cool huh? It’s our great Operation Feed Round Up, so yee-haw, come on! Dig for coins in your cars, couches and so on and bring them in for a great cause!

Friday, March 20th-we’ll be in the drive thrus as well for a SQUEEGIE Day! We’ll wash your windsheilds for you!

On a more serious note, given today’s current state of economy, people right here in Licking County are using our food pantry now more than ever. So, I encourage you to help out this year’s campaign now more than ever and help us, help those in need, right here in our own backyard!




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