Follow Us on Twitter

Well, we decided to go ahead and go for it-we’re now on Twitter. Signing up takes less than 5 minutes and you can follow us! Joining us on Twitter will allow you to stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Hopewell Federal.

I encourage you to follow us and send us “tweets”! You can stay up on everything at HFCU, from our annual meeting to any current specials we may be offering to community events like Operation Feed, United Way and more.  You can find us on Twitter at

I think twitter is just one more avenue, that makes Hopewell Federal more accesible to you, our members. So, maybe your on the go and can’t remember how long our office is open, send us a tweet. Perhaps you don’t have time to get on the net and need the quickest shared branching location near you-send us a tweet! Or perhaps your curious about when Kirby Kangaroo will be hopping back into town-send us a tweet! We’ll even be at the statehouse in Columbus, on March 31st and we’ll be sending “tweets” as to what’s happening on CU day.

Of course, for longer, more involved questions please call us or write us on the blog.  Just remember, twitter is short, sweet and to the point! We look forward to you following us!


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