While the Boss Is Away…The Marketer Will Play!

Welcome to Day One, of my money saving office experiment-while Al is on vacation.

Hello everyone,

It’s me, Cammie, the Marketing Director, at Hopewell FCU. Al’s on vacation, so I’m taking over the posting reigns this week.  And I’m excited to tell you about the experiment that I’m doing while Al is out of the office.

We all have been researching ways to save money here at Hopewell Federal. We’ve posted ideas in our lobbies, Al’s posted some here on the blog, we’ve e-mailed info to those of you who’ve signed up for e-mail,  via Hopewell On-line. In my research…I found many articles on ways to save money…and one of them was to use a big inflatable exercise ball as your chair in your office instead of going to the gym.

I must say-that while I have one at home, we’ve actually never used it as an actual “exercise” ball. My husband uses it, to help stretch his back, I used it when I was pregnant as more of an ottoman, to put my feet up. And my kids just love to roll it around. I mean, we’re talking a seven-year-old boy and a two-year-old boy. It’s almost a hazard to my little guy because it’s bigger than him. So, I’ve been mulling this idea over for several weeks now. I have a fellow credit union marketing friend in Texas, who is on the ball, and likes it. So… to bring the ball in, or to not bring the ball in…that is the question. Al is on vacation after all, so now seems like the perfect time.

Let’s face it, when it comes to a financial institution, the marketing person is generally known as the kooky, creative one-surrounded by math people, so I figured, if my fellow co-workers laugh at me, that’s nothing unusual, I’m comfortable in my role as the class clown. So, strange looks and giggles, never scare me. So today, I did it. I broke down and brought the ball w/me to work.

Problem number one…it was 16 degrees this morning, so I think the ball may have actually deflated a bit in the car on my way in due to the cold! Problem solved! Leave it to our handy dandy underwriter extraordianarre to have an air pump in his car. So I’m on the ball right now!

So far, 4 co-workers have laughed and giggled, pointed and taken pictures…I do have a before photo-which I will share, after this experiment is complete.

I’ve been on it for 39 minutes, 39, and I can already feel my stomach getting sore? Is this normal? I’m so out of shape, and I’ve been mall walking at lunch for two and a half weeks now! Geesh!

Apparently the Wall Street Journal, did a big article on this exact experiment about a year ago-and it’s catching on… Don’t believe me? Just Google, Exercise Ball as Office Chair-and see how many postings come up. 

Rest assured, Al will be back next week, and I’ll be sure to post an update about my time on the ball…but if it beats a gym and saves you money…hey, why not try it? Of course, this wouldn’t be appropriate for our tellers, after all, our counter is way too high for an exercise ball, but I had to try it and since I’m in the back office, and I’m fortunate enough to have a door, I think it’s okay.

I hope you enjoy this post-and know that when we say “We’re Here to Help You Get Ahead Financially”  we really do walk the talk, or we’re on the ball, so to speak.

Have a great weekend!