Turn Banks into Credit Unions

So with the wintery weather-I did not get a chance to post yesterday-but I thought I’d call your attention to another blog posting from the Huffington Post, called Turn Banks into Credit Unions. He posted in on Tuesday, January 27th.

I think that if you’re concerned or even tired of hearing about the financial crisis, this is some good food for thought. I always enjoy posting news tidbits when it’s in favor of credit unions…but I think this does something a bit more-it defines well the difference between banks and credit unions. It also shares the benefits of credit unions-which I think is great. Kudos to Mike Garibaldi-Frick for this post.

I think if you’re frustrated with the financial industry, including those big banking mergers-that merged bank A into bank B-and are trying to convince you that they’re stronger…and now, you don’t even recognize your former financial institution-because the name AND faces have changed-then there’s never been a better time to discover the credit union difference.

And there’s no time like now to discover what Hopewell Federal has to offer! We’ve been serving Licking County for 47 years and… we’re still lending! No bailouts necessary! Plus, we’re a community credit union, so if you live, work, worship, volunteer, go to school…heck, if you’re breathing in Licking County, you can be a member of Hopewell Federal. 

Check us out on-line, to find a CU near you-visit cuservicecenter.com!

And check out the Turn Banks into Credit Unions post-by clicking on the link below:


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