Ways 2 Save on Heating Bills

Hi folks,

Can you believe this cold weather…the below zero temps are taking their toll this winter. It got me to thinking of this week’s tip on how to save money…

If you’re like me your probably signed up for a lot of list serves. I received one this morning from the Credit Union National Association on ways to save on your home heating bills that I thought had so many good tips in it-it was worth passing along.

-These were taken from “Tips to Cool Down Your Hot Water Bill” and “Longevity on the Home Front: How Long Will That Furnace Last?” from Home & Family Resource Center

I’m paraphrasing these tips:

* Turn Down Your Water Heater Temperature-The higher the temp, the more energy it uses. Adjust the setting to 120 degrees which will keep your dishwasher cleaning effectively. Plus, allow for comfortable showers and most importantly…SAVE YOU MONEY!

* Wrap it Up-Use a special insulation blanket for your water heater. It will help prevent heat from escaping and run more efficiently.

*Avoid the Thermostat Shuffle-You can literally save up to 1 percent on your heating bill for every degree that you turn down your thermostat. Did you know that? I sure didn’t.

They recommend setting your thermostat in the 66-70 degree range while you’re at home and awake. Then turn it to the 60-65 degree range while your away or asleep. Turning the heat much lower when you leave your home and then cranking it back up when you return, actually makes your system work harder, reduces it’s efficiency and costs you more.

*Check for Leaks-Can you feel cold air around windows, doors and electrical outlets? A small investment in caulk, weather stripping, door sweeps or insulated outlet covers for drafty areas will block heat from escaping and save you money!

These were just a few of the highlights but for more, google Home & Family Finance Resource Center.

And remember, stay warm!

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