Commit to Be Fiscally Fit in 2009

Hi Folks-

Just wanted to post some thoughts for this week-it’s not too late to Commit to Be Fiscally Fit in 2009-we’ve been posting different tips on how to save money on e-mail, the blog, in our lobbies and on our video screens.

You CAN reduce your debts. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… you can’t do it by borrowing your way out of debt, so… make a roadmap to financial recovery, starting with…

STOP BORROWING! It’s pretty simple guys, you shouldn’t spend more than you earn, so have a plan-it’s that simple. By creating a budget, your creating a roadmap to reducing your debts.

Figure out the most you can afford to pay each month to pay down your debts and make those payments on time, everytime, so you re-establish good faith and a good credit score. A good rule of thumb is to pay off the credit card you have with the highest interest rate and so forth and so on-until you’ve paid them all off !!!

It’s really not hard to amass debt and no one said it was going to be easy, the road back to recovery from debt is a long one-but if you make the necessary sacrifices, it can be done. And there’s plenty of assistance out there to help-including right here at Hopewell Federal.

If you need help creating a budget, or how to start your roadmap to recovery, call us today and set up an appointment with our certified financial counselor. You can also contact Consumer Credit Counseling Services who will work with you one-on-one as well.


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