Twitter Concerns

A few weeks ago, I shared a post about whether or not we should Twitter with our members. Yes, I know it’s popular-even the Obama campaign used it while they were out on the campaign trail.

However, just last week-I read where Twitter was hacked into-and the site looked almost perfect but they hacked  some famous people’s accounts-and it’s my understanding they posted some really inappropriate tweets/messages. Names like Britney Spears and a reporter from CNN.

The hacking issues makes me question-if this is a good outlet to use to communicate with our members.

If you are interested in getting messages/tweets from Hopewell Federal via Twitter-to stay updated in brief, short snippets-with what’s going on at our financial institution-please drop me a line.

If your concerned about it getting hacked and getting crazy stuff sent to you-thinking it may be too much of a risk-I’d like to hear that too-

As always, myself and of course, our entire team, constantly strive for new and innovative ways to communicate with you, so I would love to hear your thoughts.



7 Responses

  1. My understanding is that hte Twitter issue was more like Phishing using Direct Messagess. I guess we could coing it Twishing. In any regard, the best bet is to ALWAYS go directly to the parent site to sign in. Don’t ever sign into a site after having clicked through on a link – whether that is e-mail, SMS, Twitter, etc.

  2. Apparently, there was some “hacking” that took place. Hopefully Twitter will tighten security a bit.

  3. Thanks so much for your comments Chad-

    I heard about the “Twishing” too-and I understand about going into the parent site-but let me ask you-as someone who “blogs” and sounds to me like you know your way around social media…do you think things like Twishing and Phishing-will turn people away or turn people off from the idea of using Twitter?

  4. Probably has a lot to do with demographics and comfort with technology. Phishing is by no means a new tactic, but people are still participating in on-line activities. On that note, I don’t think Twitter activity has declined any since this incident, nor should it.

  5. Hi Chad-

    I would agree. Several Ohio Credit unions experienced “smishing” this year-and it hasn’t deterrred folks.

    We like to try and stay up-to-date on the latest social networking media-so I would say that Twitter will be more than likely coming soon to HFCU.

    It’s been great talking with you these past few days-feel free to drop in anytime.


  6. Twishing, smishing, phishing…makes your head spin, doesn’t it? Actually, the Twitter compromise doesn’t scare me in the least. Someone who hacks into my Twitter account will have precious few ways of affecting me with the information tied to my login. It’s annoying, no doubt, but will not change my behavior as it relates to Twitter at all.

  7. I agree CU Warrior. It’s good to hear from you-Actually our marketing director is already on Twitter-and is actually enjoying the experience. She’s the one who convinced me that this should be our next venture into connecting with our members.

    We will be joining the Twitterverse soon. Thanks for your feedback!

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