Beware: We May Be the Target of a Phone Scam

Attention all Hopewell Federal Members


As you can see from our previous post, fraudsters are everywhere and they have been targeting credit unions across Ohio over the past few weeks, including another local credit union in Licking County.  Unfortunately we have received several inquires from our members, on Wednesday, November 5, 2008, that leads us to believe that we now may be the target of a phone scam.


Several members have received messages or automated phone calls stating that their Hopewell Federal Credit Union credit cards have been compromised. Recipients are then asked to push 1, to re-instate their accounts by submitting their account information. By doing so, this is how the fraudsters steal your account information and potentially withdraw funds from your account.


All members who receive this phone call or text message should immediately disregard it. We do ask that you report these calls to us. Based on the information we have received, we are not aware that any personal information has been compromised. 

More importantly, if you have already fallen victim to this phone scam, you need to immediately notify us to let us know that your account information has been compromised. At this point, it seems that members are being targeted at random. This is not the result of  a data breach at Hopewell Federal Credit Union.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us immediately.

Al Smith
President & CEO
Hopewell Federal Credit Union


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