The Answer Is Credit Unions…

Hi folks,

Happy almost weekend to you! It seems like everywhere you look, you hear more and more about the economy. I’ve been doing lots of reading and trying to keep you all updated whenever we hear about credit unions roles in the midst of this current economic crisis.

Here’s another positive article from the U.S. News and World Report.  Please check it out for yourself and see why the answer is credit unions.

I’d be remiss, if I didn’t use this opportunity to talk to you about your banking choices. With this bank changing to this name, and this huge financial institution buying this other one. You almost need a score card or a big graph to see the name of where you’re banking these days. These giant financial institutions are forming…

So, I guess I have to ask… will they know you? Will your new gigantic financial institution know who you are? Will they be familiar with your account? Your family? Will they know your name or will you be another number?

Folks, there’s a reason why we’re known as your community credit union. We’re located here in your community. In fact, we recently received the Small Business of the Year Award from the Licking County Chamber of Commerce. Why? Well, we like to think it’s because we’re involved in your lives and in this area. We play an active role in supporting local events, local schools and local families. From supporting athletics to our cell phone drive, candidates night, Give With Us and much more!  Our staff knows many of you by name. And we do it simply, by getting to know you. Several of you stop in weekly, just to say hello. And we love to see you too! You’re not just an account number, your more like family.

No gimmicks, no schemes, no sub-prime mortgages, no stock-holders to pay. You’re an owner/member and we’re here to serve you.  While our name and locations may have changed in the past 46 years we’ve been in business, our role has not. We’re still the same credit union, located right here in Licking County. And you don’t even have to be part of a special company to be a member. All you have to do is live, work or worship in Licking County.

We’re local, we’re convenient and we look out for your best interest. We’re so convenient, we offer shared branching so you can take us with you, no matter where you go. We also have free convienent services like FREE ONLINE BANKING, FREE BILL PAY and FREE E-STATEMENTS. And switching to us is easier than you might think, just go to the switch to us drop down box on  our home page. It only takes a few minutes. We like to say at Hopewell Federal, we’re here to help you get ahead financially. We mean it so much, we even have a certified financial counselor on staff to help those in need of financial advice.

So, when it comes to choosing your financial institution, you can go with one of those huge newly named guys-or you can go to your local area credit union.


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