Time to Think of an Alternative Way to Bank

In the midst of all of this economic turmoil on Wall Street, Credit Unions are finally starting to come to the forefront as a safe, alternative way to bank. We’ve been keeping an eye on all the press we’ve found so that we can relay it to you.

Of course, I’ve already discussed my thoughts-but I also think it’s good to pass along the national accolades, so you understand that credit unions are a safe and sound choice to do your banking during these tough economic times. This particular news clip says we are “weathering the storm” it was featured on CNN, featuring an interview from an analyst from FORBES magazine.  Click on the link below for more.





One Response

  1. Credit unions are actually more safe than traditional banks because they avoid some of the riskiest lending situations.

    Getting a subprime mortgage loan with predatory terms is nearly impossible at any credit union. They simply don’t allow for their customers to be victimized by mortgage brokers looking to profiteer from their situation.

    If federal law will not restrict predatory mortgage products, then at least it should end the preemption so that states may protect their residents.

    By the way, the 2 states that tried to prevent the crisis back in 2003 were OH and NC. It’s good to know that we have someone on our side!

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