Back Up and Running!

Hey folks-

It’s Monday…September 22, 2008 and I am very excited to announce that just before noon today, we got our power back fully at our Heath Office. Now both locations are open and ready to serve you!


Thanks again for your patience over the past week.


2 Responses

  1. I have to say that I went to 21st Street and the folks were nice. But in light of the past week’s events, what’s the real story as to why you guys were closed for almost a week.

  2. Hi Nina,

    Here’s the real story. The winds blew into town from hurricane Ike on Sunday evening, September 14th and took out one of the three-phase power lines that feed our Heath office. We had lights in some areas and not in others. We had no power to the drive thru teller stations and our security system was weakened also. We had a electrician in the office on Thursday to see what we could do about the powerless areas in our building. Of course, there were no realistic choices.

    So, we did decide to open the Heath office on Friday the 19th with an off duty Heath Police Officer in our lobby for security. We did the same thing again on Saturday the 20th. We only had two teller stations available as the others did not have power to run the computers. You cannot image how disappointed I was when I checked the office early Monday morning to find no change in the power situation.

    We decided to open again with two teller stations and limited security. Then at just about noon, AEP reconnected the power for the third line feeding our building and we were back in business.

    I feel fortunate that we suffered no serious loss of equipment due to the outing. We were able to have a full teller line by early afternoon on Monday and of course every day since. You could say we’re back to business as usual.

    And like you, many of our members did visit the Newark office during the outage. We were fortunate that the ATM at the Heath office never lost power so it was still available for our members to use.

    Part of what the management team and board addresses regularly, is what we would do in case of a disaster. I will tell you this is as close to a disaster that I would like to experience. Having the branch was a real benefit for our members as we were still able to serve the members and not be totally out of business as the credit unions and many other business in Texas.

    Hopewell Federal is also a member of the shared branching network, so our members have over 2,300 credit union branches available to them across the country. A complete list of shared branching locations is available via our web site.

    So now you know the real story. They storm took out our power like it did for many business and residences in Licking County. It just so happened that we did not get that power restored until the eighth day.

    I do want to thank our members for any inconvenience they experienced during this time. I also want to thank the employees who did everything that was asked of them to continue serving our members during this difficult period.


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