Riding Out the Storm

Good afternoon folks,

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your patience as we ride out the after effects of Hurricane Ike. As most of you know, the 75 mph winds that ravaged Licking County on Sunday, took their toll on our Heath Office.

Our new North 21st Street branch was not interrupted by the storm. It’s fully functional, operating as usual. This is a really great time to check out our new location if you haven’t yet.  Our Heath office however, only has partial power in part of the building. We, like you, are anxious to get things back  up and running again, but are at the mercy of the widespread outages all over the county that are being fixed.

Our Heath ATM is working and of course, you can do your banking on-line 24 hours a day, check your balance and more with our MAGIC phone line and do shared branching at any of the local credit unions in our area.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Our staff is still here in Heath, working diligently  by make- shift lighting in some parts of the building, to make sure that all systems behind the scenes are working as usual. It’s actually amazing to see the kind of ingenuity some of the staff has come up with to find sources of power to work from.

You can still do your business as usual at our North 21st Street office and there are plenty of people manning the phones to take your calls and take care of your business.

So, at this point in time, I would just like to say thank you for your patience. As soon as power returns we will inform you-but rest assured, we are working hard to continue to serve you during this time.

Thanks again,



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