If It’s Free…It’s For Me!


Nope it’s not Al, it’s Cammie again. The marketing gal, at Hopewell Federal. I wanted to share that last night, we again attended the Women’s Expo courtesy of Licking Memorial Health System and KOOL 101.7.

And man, was it great! We had a ton of fun with our game and prizes and really appreciated everyone who stopped by our booth. I think your financial health is key to your well being. Let’s face it, if you have bad finances, it can cause you much added and unneccessary stress.

Believe it or not, for those of you who did NOT attend, it was fabulous-as always- a stellar event. And the wonderful women of Licking County help make it bigger and better each year. We gave away some nifty eco-friendly purple shopping bags. Purple! Now that’s stylish and smart because you’re saving the environment-I hope everyone enjoys them. If you didn’t get one-stop by our Community Day event on Saturday, September 13th at our Heath office-we’ll have some more! That got me thinking about a blog post for today, so I “asked Al” if I could horn in…he of course, said yes!

A few posts ago, I asked for folks to share with me, tips on ways they can save money. Man-OH-Man! Did I come across a cool one that I just thought would be great to share with everybody.

A fellow marketer-saw my posting-and tipped me off to a very cool link,  Fabulous Freebies 2008-some may not apply, but if your motto is, if it’s free, it’s for me, then this is the link for you from Yahoo. One DISCLAIMER though-we are a credit union, NOT a bank. But if you’re getting fees because you’re using out-of-network ATM’s. We do have a link on our website, that can help you avoid those!

Hopewell Federal is part of the Alliance One and PULSE ATM networks. If an ATM machine is part of both the Alliance One and Pulse networks, it is FREE! Click here for more:


Just a reminder, in these tough economic times, it’s nice to share tips that can help, so feel free to respond with more!

Thanks a bunch!


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