Hello everyone,

Just thought I’d post some more “questionable” activities that we’ve been alerted to…

There is a current scam going on with central ohio financial institutions. An auto dialer is calling Central Ohio phone numbers leaving a message stating that they are from “Credit Union of Ohio”, advising their credit card account has been compromised. They are directed to call 614-448-1303. This is a bogus number, people are wanting your personal financial information. Again, please do NOT respond.

also circulating: text and e-mail messages from advising Superior FCU members that “we have been unable to contact them concerning a compromise of their VISA card” to call 800-466-1728

While neither of these our connected to Hopewell Federal, you could see where it could get confusing. And if any of you are shared branchers out there-we wanted you to be aware of this as well. We also understand that several banks have been “Smished” as well, within the last two days with the very same scenario.



As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. But I can not stress enough again, that while this does not mention Hopewell Federal directly, we will NEVER call you or contact you and ask for your personal information. Please do not be fooled by the 800 number.

Thanks again and be safe,

Cammie Morrow



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