Attention all Hopewell Federal Credit Union Members, who are cell phone owners. Please be wary of a potential new scam.

 Identity thieves and scam artists have long used “phishing” to obtain personal or financial account information from potential victims by sending real looking e-mails that simulate inquires from a legitimate website. The e-mail will ask for detailed account information often claiming that the victim’s account numbers were compromised.


“Smishing” is a form of “phishing” via SMS (Short Message Service.) It has come to our attention, and several other financial institutions throughout the Newark/Heath area that members are receiving text messages via their cell phone, posing as their financial institution and sending them to a fraudulent website or asking information to try and obtain your account numbers etc.

Apparently, in our area, members and non-members are receiving e-mails and cell phone text messages informing them that their on-line account access has been suspended. Recipients are given a phone number to call to re-instate their online access. (THIS IS HOW THE FRAUDSTERS STEAL YOUR INFORMATION AND POTENTAILLY WITHDRAW FUNDS.)


 To protect yourself, please, NEVER provide your personal or financial information over the phone or Internet if you did not initiate contact.


 If you receive a phone call or text message asking to verify information for any reason, hang up immediately. Legitimate financial institutions would never do this.

Please report any suspicious emails, text messages or phone calls to the following anti-phishing groups the Federal Bureau of Investigations Crime Compliance CEnter at www.ic3.gov and the Anti-Phishing Workgroup at reportphishing@antiphishing.org. 

For more information on how to stop ID THEFT, please visit our website and click on the CU SECURE link. And if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Hopewell Federal immediately at 522-8311 or info@hopewellfcu.org.


Thank you, 

Cammie Morrow
Marketing & 
Business Development Director


3 Responses

  1. I received a text message from data@cuofohio.org today stating my credit union of ohio services was suspended for suspicious activity and to call a number. When you called the number if automatically asked you to log in you credit card number. I have never given my bank my cell phone number, so I checked on line first and saw this

  2. I received a text message from sec@cmefcu.org advising me my services were suspended for suspicious activity and to call 619-793-4823. I called and luckily the voicemail was full.

  3. Thanks for your response Taylor-this is apparently a nationwide epidemic. Unfortunately criminals continue to find new ways to steal money. We appreciate your input and hope that our communication will help educate people that scams like these are out here.

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