Gas Prices Are Coming Down…Tick, Tock, Time to Start Saving


I heard on the news today that a barrel of oil has dropped below the $120 mark today.  That’s down from a high of $147 a barrel last month. Gas prices are coming down.  But don’t rush out and by that big gas guzzling car or truck. This is the time to try to get your financial house in order.  Sure you can get great deals on the big cars, but the cost of gas will still be expensive.  And if your car is paid for, why not drive it for a while and use the payment you save to reduce other bills – or better yet start a savings account. 


We, Americans, do not save enough money.  I was always told that we should pay our self first – every payday.  Did I always listen to that advice?  No.  Like many of you, I have my share of bills to pay and with five children, it seemed like I always had a monthly payment to the family doctor.  It is much easier to form the savings habit when you are young, than waiting until you’re older. 


Our mission is to help members get ahead financially and by helping members set up saving programs, it’s one way we fulfill our mission.  And your saving deposits are federally insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund, an agency of the federal government. 


So why not consider starting a saving program today?  Just have you payroll directly deposited into your Hopewell Federal Checking account and we can automatically transfer a set amount to your savings account every payday.  You’ll be glad you did.





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