Mother Knows Best-What Are You Doing to Save Money?

Howdy folks,

It’s me again…Cammie Morrow, your marketer extraordinairre, pinch hitting for the big guy this week, while he’s on vacation. In light of recent posts, I’m not going to go over how your money is safe and secure at the credit union. I have several press releases from the NCUA if you’re interested-you can e-mail me directly at I mean that sincerely, I want you to have that warm and fuzzy feeling about banking with us-because your deposits are insured up to $100,000 AND  we have additional insurance on top of that-called ESI insurance. Please see our last post for more information AND please feel free to contact me, if you have any doubts! I am chock full of facts for you! 

That being said, what I’d really like to know is how are you saving money? With gas and groceries on the rise, if you’re like me, you’re looking for ways to cut costs. As a working mother of two beautiful boys, one 6 and the other just shy of 2, I am now trying to figure out how and where I can cut back, without taking away from our family fun. It has proven to be a challenge.

Are you not going out as much? Are you not buying as much? Have you come up with a plan for back to school shopping? Or, are you…buying in bulk? Or dare I say it, GASP-clipping coupons? Now I have to be serious for a minute here folks. I consider myself a young, hip, early 30-something mom. And I must confess-short of using the big discount card at a grocery store that hangs on my keychain, I have never, ever clipped coupons in my life. That was something my young, still hip 60-something mom did. Her era, not mine. But now, I think, there might be something to that…

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last 10 years or so-coupons are totally convenient for the consumer now. No more waiting patiently for the Sunday paper to arrive…Now stores have them on-line, there’s even entire sites dedicated to coupons and ways to get discounts on the products you love, like! So I admit, I tried it and saved literally, $25 the first week? I couldn’t believe it. Something so small. But it starts to add up, considering my husband and I both drive 25 minutes to work everyday, gas tends to guzzle our paychecks.

So here’s my challenge folks-if you know of some sites out there that offer great deals and discount coupons-post it for others here on-line. Help a friend, help a neighbor, heck with prices these days-help yourself! It’s just another small way we all can save!

And maybe, mom does know best. Sorry, mom!

P.S. It’s been a pleasure talking with you-Al will be back next week!


One Response

  1. Hey Cammie

    I really liked your approach this week-I think we can all feel your pain-and I’d like to help if I can-

    How about It’s pretty good. I hope more people pass they’re tips along.

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