Have You Passed the Torch Yet?

The Olympics of course, are fast approaching, and in honor of this momentous occassion, we are asking all of our members to Pass the Torch of membership to a friend. So you may be saying, nice ploy, but what’s in it for me? How about $25?
Credit unions are member-owned cooperatives. The concept of a financial cooperative is simple. CU’s are owned and operated by members who pool their savings and lend to each other. Serving members is the reason credit unions exist. There are no outside shareholders. We’re owned by the people who save and borrow here. Earnings are returned to our members in the form of lower rate loans, higher return on savings and few fees.

We like to say we’re here to help you get ahead financially-but in these tough economic times, what better advice can you share with someone than to join a credit union? Seriously! Stop in to either of our locations and pick up some Pass the Torch membership cards-hand them out to your friends. If they redeem the cards, they’ll get a free box of checks-and you’ll be rewarded with $25! How easy is that? Think about it, you pass the card out to five of your friends, and they redeem them and you get $125! That’s a tank of gas, and maybe dinner out!

So what are you waiting for? Pass the Torch today!

Stop in for full details.


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