Are You Looking for a Financial Fairy Godmother?

Fairy Godmother, we’re not. But … Are you feeling financially stressed?  Are rising gas and food prices making you wonder how you will survive?  Are you living from paycheck to paycheck without any savings cushion?  If payday lenders leave Ohio because of the new Short Term Lending Law’s enactment, what will you do?  Are you caught up in a variable rate mortgage and looking for a way out?


Look to your credit union for help.  Hopewell Federal Credit Union’s mission is to help members get ahead financially.  We help in many ways.  We can help you set up a savings program to build a reserve for everyday emergencies.  We can help you restructure your loans.  We can help you set up a budget and work to help you help yourself.  Sure we are in tough times but that does not mean the end of the world.  My dad always used to tell me that if there’s the will then there’s a way to make it happen. 


Too many people think that by consolidating loans, it makes things better.  But I challenge you to rethink that.  You cannot borrow your way out of debt no matter how much credit you qualify for.  By consolidating you might get some immediate relief from high payments.  It’s what you do after you consolidate that important.  You must change your spending habits.  I was told a long time ago that it’s not how much money you make that’s important but how you use the money you make.  I like to relate that to living within your means. 


Hopewell Federal has a credit union certified financial counselor on staff that wants to help you get ahead financially.  His name is Eli Martin and you are invited to call him to schedule an appointment.  Eli can help you get your financial life on the right track.  Don’t ask him to work miracles because he can’t.  He can however help you with a budget plan and maybe a consolidation loan to help you chart your course. 


If you’re into a variable rate mortgage and want to explore you options, call Jeff Harris at the credit union.  Jeff will meet with you and see if he can find a mortgage that will work for you.  The mortgage business has changed a lot since mid 2007 as the sub prime mortgage problems began to surface.  Your credit union has never offered or encouraged sub prime mortgages for members.  We will not put you in a mortgage that you cannot afford but we will try to see if we can help you out of one. 


Our mission at Hopewell Federal Credit Union is to help members get ahead financially.  Credit unions are non for profit cooperatives owned by our members so we work hard for them.  Go ahead and gives a call if we can be of help to you and your family.



One Response

  1. Hey Al

    I think you’re intentions are all well and good-but how are we supposed to think that one-sized fixes are going to fit all?

    Do you really think that with all the fluff we hear today about solutions to the rising costs of everything-that HFCU can fix it for us? I mean, it’s a beautiful theory, but I’m not sure it’s an acurate picture of what’s really happening in the world today.

    I’m more along the lines of a cold hard dose of reality-because that’s what we’re fed by the media everyday. Can managing my money be the key to paying my gas bills? I don’t think so.

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