There’s more than “one” talk to have with your kid… Seriously!

Ohio is one of several states that leads the nation in home foreclosures. The number of bankruptcies in Ohio continues to rise and people are falling further and further into debt. It’s time to start building a foundation of financial success for our youth. Seriously!

Maybe it’s time to help your kids learn the financial facts of life. In these strange and difficult economic times, you have to sit and wonder when you see credit reports-have we really educated our kids on basic, everyday finances? The importance of saving? What about good credit?  When you hear about having “the talk” with your kids, managing debt and personal finance, probably aren’t the first things that come to mind-but maybe they should be.

That’s why Hopewell Federal Credit Union has partnered with the Ohio Credit Union League to offer a financial education resource to our members and their children. It’s called It’s a FREE website that’s filled with information, tips-heck, it even has games for parents and children to encourage financial literacy.

Also, Hopewell Federal will be launching a county-wide effort to employ MoneyAndStuff in the classroom for 2009. If any teachers are reading this and our in our area, we encourage you to contact us directly! Teaching financial education to the community has always been a mission of credit unions. We urge all of our members and non members to take advantage of this free financial education resource. It’s a free website that’s really good for any age-it can even tell you how to start to budget your finances-and again, ways to save money.

According to a recent study by the Ohio Credit Union League, only five percent of Ohio adults ever remember being taught financial education when they were young. So, I ask you, where and when will the next generation learn about the financial facts of life?

So what are you waiting for-school is almost out for the year-kids bored? Tell them to visit And please, spread the word.



4 Responses

  1. Al

    I think this is fantastic news. I think kids today-and myself being only 29 years old-really have no idea how things work. I didn’t know that the stupid mistakes I made when I was younger actually affected my credit and stuff.

    Kudos to you for getting this done-my daughter is in pre-school but I hope you guys start as early as kindergarten next year-everyone could benefit from something like this.

    I think in times like these-this really is so important. That’s why credit unions really are different from a bank-you care more than just giving a free piggy bank-you care about the future.

  2. I guess that’s good for young folks- but if the older kids getting married today aren’t educated in finances-what good is it?

    There’s nothing out there, no magic pill or method for folks to get a wake up call that says here’s how you need to balance your checkbook-here’s the stuff you need to know before you buy a car-all the cutesy stuff is fine-for kids-but what about grown-ups? All they do is go to payday lenders and repeat the same bad habits. I think you’re fighting an uphill battle all the same.

  3. Hi Mike,

    I have something for the older kids too, say age 16 and over.

    On our web page under the links tab, you will see, on the bottom right, some quick links. One of these is “financial advisor”. Click on it and start to explore and learn about new car buying, used car buying, home buying, checking accounts, credit management, couples & money, and id theft. Each of these is a financial coach that will walk you through life’s various challenges.

    Not married yet? The Couples and Money advisor might be nice to review. Have credit problems? Then explore the Credit Management advisor. Many young people need to look at the Checking Account advisor as it talks about how to balance your account. You don’t learn any of this at school.

    What I really like is that these financial advisors are free for anyone to use and courtesy of the credit union movement. Not only do we provide banking products to members, we also feel we have a responsibility to help educate our members and consumers in general. The credit union motto is “not for profit, not for charity but for service”. You won’t find the for profit community spending money on issues like these. This is a credit union outreach program and I’m proud that Hopewell Federal is a part of it.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hey Al

    If credit unions are so great? How come there are less of them and more and more banks? I mean, wouldn’t everyone want to join a credit union if they get so much more benefits from them than they do a bank?

    Why has it been a secret up until now? I don’t get it-I have to be honest-I’m not a member but I think I may switch now-I’m intrigued by the services that go above and beyond traditional banking-like your money and stuff program.

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