Why Hopewell Federal for Your Mortgage?

Hi Amy, 

Thank you for your question. The mortgage loan crisis is a hard fact for many to come to grips with. Everyone who obtained a mortgage was given disclosures as to the rates and terms of the agreement. The law requires this. Unfortunately, too many consumers do not read or understand what they are signing. I also believe they have been taken advantage of by the mortgage originators who earn their salary on commission. The more they sell- the more they benefit. Their first goal, many times is to see how much they can make and not what’s in the best interest of the consumer. Are all mortgage originators included in this group? Absolutely not.  As with most situations- it’s a chosen few that spoil things for the rest.

When I look at the local community, we have some very good mortgage originators and brokers. They do look out for their customers or in our case, the member. Most credit union in Ohio and around the country are not subprime lenders. It does not fit with our mission of helping members get ahead financially. The credit union motto is and always has been “Not for Profit, not for Charity but for Service”. I like to believe that at Hopewell Federal we live up to that motto.

In the years that Hopewell Federal has been making mortgages to members we have only had two foreclosed properties and both were bankruptcy surrenders. We pride ourselves in making affordable mortgages to our members. If we do anything less, we fail our members.

So why should you come to Hopewell Federal for your mortgage? Because we will help you chose a mortgage that meets your needs and not one that adds the most profit to our bottom line. Our rates are very competitive with the mortgage companies but our fees most likely will be less. You’re a member owner at Hopewell Federal not a customer and we take pride in serving our owner/members. We cannot always say yes, but we will always give you our best advice and will not sell you a product we know you will not be able to afford, down the road.

Thanks again, for your question and if you want to consider refinancing, give Jeff Harris a call here at the credit union.



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  1. Hey Al-

    Isn’t this all just propoganda for Hopewell Federal? I mean, I’m one of those folks whose caught in a debt crisis. I basically rob Peter, to pay Paul, and literally I’m juggling bills left and right-and yes, I’ve even used a payday lender-and have created more of a mess for myself.

    So with all that said-and my history of bad credit-do you think you could even help me? Cause if you can, that’s what folks like me are looking for-a light at the end of the tunnel-some sort of hope to get out of this mess.

    I didn’t start out this way-I don’t think a lot of people who are in this mess have-but how can I rebuild if no one is willing to give me a chance?

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