Secure the Future of CU’s!

Ask Congress to Pass CURIA

As a cooperative, credit unions exist so that they can provide member-owners with consumer friendly products and services to help them achieve their personal financial goals! Congress is considering a bill that’s vital to the long term viablity of America’s Credit Unions, both large and small. It’s called the Credit Union Regulatory Improvements Act, also known as CURIA, H.R. 1537.  

 This bill  consists of three titles:

1. Modernize credit union capital and net worth standards

2. Advance credit union efforts to promote economic growth

3. Make needed modifications to credit union activities, governance and oversight.

CURIA contains critical provisions to improve credit unions’ abilities to raise capital and serve small businesses and members/consumers of modest means. It’s important that we obtain co-sponsorship of as many members of the House as possible. Licking County is in an interesting spot, our county is split between two districts, Congressman Zack Space, representing the 18th district and Congressman Pat Tiberi, representing the 12th district. 

Remember, this is an election year and you have a voice! We urge you to write to your Congressional representative and ask him/her to support this very important pro-consumer, pro-credit union legislation. For the good of credit unions everywhere and right here in Licking County! Our only hope for passage is the support of credit union member-owners like you!

Thank you for your support.


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