For Your Protection

Last March, we implemented an added layer of protection to our on-line banking system called Multi-factor Authentication. What is Multi-factor Authentication? It’s those series of questions that  you  answer, when logging on to Hopewell on-line to do your home banking.  Without the correct answers, your account can not be accessed-thus, giving it an added layer of protection.

Now that we are approaching our one year anniversary, some of you may be asked to resubmit your challenge questions when you log-on to Hopewell On-line. We do strongly encourage all of our members who use our on-line banking to take the time and answer these questions. They are for your benefit, because it helps protect your account information. But again, the only place you’ll be prompted to do so, is through Hopewell On-line, NOT via e-mail.

 Please remember, that any e-mail you may receive asking you for your account number and password or PIN to register for or verify information for this service should be considered fradulent. Hopewell Federal does not request personal information of any kind via e-mail.



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